Serendipity Art Eire

My ‘Christmas in July Sale’ is on now until 1st of  August! Almost everything in the shop is on sale. Pick up something handmade, unique & colorful for you or give it as a joyful gift to someone special! ❤️

Hello! I’m Serena, the creative artist behind Serendipity Art Eire. I originally came to Ireland to study voice and music, then I met the love of my life, and found myself truly at home here in Cork. I’ve been here 15 years now and I continue to be in love with the people, the culture, and the music & art! As a trained musician and choir conductor, I spend my days immersed in music. When Covid hit, and the first lockdown was imposed, I found my primary form of self-expression, music, had been temporarily suspended by the events unfolding in the world. Going from singing everyday, directing multiple choirs, directing musicals, and performing constantly- to not singing or directing or performing at all- was a huge adjustment for me. I’ve always loved art, and I decided to try a painting class online. I loved it and it brought back great memories of creating visual art, which I used to do a lot of when I was younger. Better yet, those around me loved my art too and it brought them joy! *Gasp!* Lightbulb! I had found a way to express myself, creating and doing something I love using bright bold colors, all while bringing others joy too through sharing the finished art online. People’s reactions blew me away. And then I started getting queries about buying my artwork and would I make prints…. and suddenly I realized that my visual Art had become a huge, important part of my self-expression and my way of connecting with others.

Serendipity = a happy accident. And so I created Serendipity Art Eire to share the joy I’ve found in my art with everyone around the world! Each piece of art is handmade with love by me, and is completely unique (one of a kind). All art work and prints come signed and dated. Art Prints are limited edition. Any purchase can be gift wrapped with a gift card included for no additional cost. Serendipity Art Eire is unique, joyful art that will bring a pop of color to your life (and you can share it with the special people in your life too)!