family and club crest

These wooden handcarved crests come in a wide range of sizes and all designs. These can be created for family crests, sports clubs, business logos, schools, hotels, bar or resturants. They are created using a varity of native Irish hardwoods and are sized and detailed to suit youre needs. These pieces fit anywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom and never look out of place. 

memory or keepsake box

These beautiful personalised barrell top boxes are a beautiful gift for any new born baby. the idea behind them is you will hhave somewhere elegant and functional to keep you small treasures and memories of your childs life from first shoees to school report cards and all the occasions in between. They are fully personilised and come in a wide range of sizes and prices. They are created using hardwoods for there beauty and long life.

house signs

These native Irish hardwood signs are hand carved and completely designed to suit your needs and ideas. This one in the picture was created for a bar in the clients home to bring a little extra touch of class. The signs are created to suit your sizes, ideas and designs.

CHARLOTTE Delicate White Beaded Wedding Headband - Touch of Venus Jewellery


How the forgotten hit of 90’s inspired headpieces is getting popular in wedding fashion?

Time for us to tell you about a brand-new wedding designs, modern 90’s and vintage inspired wedding headpieces that we think you will want to know about, especially if you are looking for a bridal inspirations and original hair accessories you want to wear on your Big Day.

So how do you decorate natural waves, loose hairstyles and loose braids this season to stand out from the crowd?

Here they are – a bit forgotten, unjustly associated with the times of elementary school – headbands.

COCO Vintage Embellished Appliqué Wedding Headband - Touch of Venus Jewellery
COCO Vintage Embellished Appliqué Wedding Headband – Touch of Venus Jewellery