8 Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Looking for some special handcrafted gifts? We have you covered! From the traditional chocolates and jewellery to the more modern and unique, check out our list of 8 Handcrafted Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day, all handmade in Ireland.


The simplest gift is a card, preferably with something nice inside. How about a voucher for this fun pizza kit or tickets to a virtual theatre show?


It’s safe to say that just about everyone loves chocolate! We have a range of handcrafted chocolates, from luxury vegan chocolate bars by Chocolatey Clare in Dublin to this gorgeous box of chocolates by artisan chocolatier, Zaeire Artisan Chocolates in Wexford.


How about a pair of beautiful earrings? On the left, we have these elegant Swarovski crystal earrings by A Touch of Venus in Donegal. While on the right, we have unique handcrafted earrings in Irish hawthorn wood by Moonwood, in Waterford.


These handwoven scarves by Liz Christy in Moneghan come in a multitude of colours and would make a lovely gift, while this pretty Valentine dreamcatcher by DreamtheDream would not only decorate a bedroom but also ensure restful sleep.

Self-care products

A gift set of these all natural herbal self-care products by Phil Walsh in Wexford would make for a relaxing evening.


A piece of art makes for lovely gift, especially when it’s these sweet, love-themed pebble artwork by Simply Mourne in Down.

Not forgetting the men!

This cool t-shirt by Mireog in Waterford and beard grooming set by Machado in Laois would appeal to the modern man.

Personalised gifts

These cool LED lamps by Lawlors LED Lamps in Wicklow are available in a range of colours and designs and can be personalised to suit any occasion.

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